GCFID’s primary goal is protection of its limited partners’ investment. To achieve this, GCFID takes an institutional approach which is highly focused, disciplined combined with thoughtful underwriting.

GCFID has been responsible for the direct investment and placement of more than $120 million for more than 240 qualified investors.

In order to stay highly focused, the philosophy of the firm is simple: Be focused, do fewer things, but do everything better. GCFID does not take on more than the firm can handle. This provides each investment the necessary attention to detail and accessibility to the firms relationships that help support its competitive advantage.

GCFID seeks to align its interest with investors through careful investment structuring and co-investment of meaningful amounts by development and project sponsors. GCFID works with like-minded partners who share the same investment philosophy backed by integrity, experience and strong financial resources.

GCFID selectively identifies off-market opportunities and invests capital in areas with strong demand drivers, excellent infrastructure, and high barriers to new supply. Once identified, the underwriting process includes thorough financial due diligence, supply and demand analysis, and partner evaluation. The firm also considers external factors such as the macroeconomic environment, the direction of pertinent business cycles, and surrounding real estate conditions.